About us


" Somokusha" is a workshop making teas and

other products out of wildcrafted plants.


The workshop is in Miyama-cho, located in Nantan city, Kyoto prefecture,

which is a region of much natural beauty and landscapes resembling that of an older age, with villages of thatched roof houses still standing.


Here we are exploring traditional ways of using wild plants that have supported people's lives and health for generations. Through the varies products that we are making and through workshops we hope to not only introduce these traditional ways of wildcrafting plants to many people, but also the joys of a life rooted in place.




With wild-crafted plants we do...


- Product development and sales

- Workshops

- Projects to help spread knowledge of Miyama and of wild plants

- Consultation 

We are living each day with the blessings of the meadow.

The more we are thankful for these blessings the more we feel the strength of nature.Here in Miyama there is still a culture that incorporates the wisdoms of our predecessors into our lives.


But unfortunately in our modern lives there are many precious wisdoms that we have forgotten in our pursuit of convenience.Stopping for a moment, and looking back we want to feel the blessing that is here...


It is with these thoughts that we started "Somokusha.”


Now we are predominantly making teas, but we hope to make more products that are full of wisdoms of living.Our group is mainly comprised of women of varies generations enjoying life in Miyama.


We will send a little bit of Miyama to your kitchen.

Product ( only Japanese )






Message from Founder

For generations we have grown medicinal plants around our houses, have eaten them, drank them as teas and have made tinctures, leading healthy and rich lives. Through learning the wisdoms of old and through our relationships with plants we have been feeling our hearts and bodies gently regenerate. We can help you to experience countryside life and Eastern tradition in your travels. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yasuko Watabe

- Experience  of  Eastern Traditions & SATOYAMA Life in MIYAMA


Workshop using wildcrafted plants

Making tea



How would you like to experience tea making and basket weaving with wild plants of the season picked from Somokusha's medicinal garden? While appreciating the calming landscape of the Yura river and thatched roof houses, and the company of locals.





Workshop examples:

- Tea making using wildcrafted plants

- Cooking using wildcrafted plants

- Lotion making using wildcrafted plants

- Making herb balls and herb pouches for restful sleeping

- Natural dying


- Basket weaving with vines









LocationSOUMOKUSHA (Nantan city, Miyama-cho, Agake) 

3 minute walk from the “Miyama Fureai Hiroba" Michi no Eki.

Please visit: (http://www.miyamanavi.net/english/access/)for details.


* We are also able to go to other locations for workshops.





 Number of people: 4 people and up



Cost: ¥2,000 and up (including wild crafted tea and medicinal snacks)



Time: 2 or more hours


"SOUMOKUSHA"  is located on the sunny side surrounding of rich of green.


You can learn how to hunt out wild plants in field.

Wild crafted tea and  medicinal snacks is served at each workshop.

Weaving basket



If you are interested please contact us from here.